Emmy-Award Winning Stengel Media

Winning an Emmy is no small feat- just ask Anthony Stengel. Out of three others in the “Arts and Entertainment Program” nomination section, Anthony won an Emmy for Dying Light, a documentary he Directed, shot, and edited for Wyoming PBS.

The Process

Stengel Media has years of experience helping the people of Wyoming share their stories. Being in the creative arts himself, Anthony knows the importance of getting your art and story out there- as well as documenting the process. “I’d say mostly its super surreal – and I’m so thankful for everyone who supported and encouraged me along the way,” Anthony mentions directly how much the support from his wife and family means, as well. It’s times like these when one remembers everyone who has supported them- and Anthony expressed his immense gratitude.

What’s In Store For The Future?

When asked what is in store for the future, Anthony said: “I have one finished project called ‘Fire Spinner’ that will be submitted to the 2023 Emmy awards so we will see what happens with that!” Anthony also has a 3rd project currently in production that he plans to submit in 2024.

“It has certainly been good for business in the obvious ways of being a widely recognized award- to also just adding credibility to my overall work,” said Stengel. Any artist knows taking the leap to pursue your art can be hard. Of course, the purpose of art is not to receive outside validation- it still is incredibly validating to be recognized for your hard work!

An Emmy Award won by Stengel Media

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