How We Work

Our Video Production Process

At Stengel Media, we pride ourselves on a transparent and collaborative video production process that ensures your vision comes to life exactly as you imagined it. From the initial brainstorming in pre-production to the final touches in post-production and delivery, here’s how we work to create impactful video content.



Arguably one of the most important parts to make sure everything afterwards moves smoothly.  This is where we take an idea or concept and develop shot lists, storyboards, scripts, etc.  This phase can include many more detail oriented aspects such as location planning, scheduling, hiring actors and on-screen talent, determining gear and crew requirements, really the sky is the limit.  Every production has different needs and being able to get everything lined out beforehand prepares us for smoother shooting days and takes the guesswork out of the editing process.



This is the really fun part – making your ideas and stories come to life!  We pride ourselves on having the talent and creative eye required to really make the images pop off the screen and stand out.  Whether we are using our in house gear or renting equipment to fit the needs of the production, we can get the cinematic images you want in a timely manner.  We are comfortable in many different shooting scenarios and environments, from multicam studio interviews to high speed drone chase sequences – we have the technical expertise and finesse to get the shot.  It’s also worth mentioning that we will roll with the punches on set and be the type of people you wouldn’t mind spending the day with.  We try to keep things fun – this is what we love to do.



This is where everything comes together.  The story, characters, cinematic sequences, color, and sound design all combine to make a piece that is compelling and watchable.  We do our very best to bring all of the pieces together to make something that is polished and professional, every time.



Once the video is finalized, we deliver it to you in your preferred format. We value your feedback and provide revisions if necessary, ensuring your complete satisfaction with the end product.