The Importance of Video on Social Media

As social media has advanced over the past few years, it has had a significant impact on the marketing industry. Many people find videos to be helpful when they are trying to learn more about an organization or cause. Videos are often preferred over text, and viewers tend to remember a video more than a chunk of text. Here are a few reasons why video is the most effective way to reach your audience on social media.

Videos Make an Impact on Viewers

Think about it; video content is a great way to get a viewer to take action. Whether it’s a business advertisement or a non-for-profit campaign, viewers tend to take more action after viewing an ad, than they would reading text. After watching a video, the viewer is more willing to click a link or visit a website to learn more about the company or cause.

If a viewer finds your video to be unique, relatable, or touching, they may share the video with their social media friends. It’s a lot easier for the viewer to retain your message and feel your company’s passion through video than through text.

Use Video to Help Build Your Brand

Uploading a video online is a great way to target all of your key audiences. You can upload a professional, high-quality video speaking about your organization’s mission and help educate others on why they should care about your company. Also, creating videos helps the viewers remember your brand because they can match a face to your brand.

Videos Target Consumers On-The-Go

One of the best parts of an online video is that you can watch it nearly anywhere at any time. Plus, watching videos help pass the time. Whether you’re in line at the supermarket, on your lunch break, or sitting on the bus, we’ve all pulled out our phones to help the time go by quicker.

If your organization has a story, one of the best ways to share it is through cinematic films. Whether it’s branded content, a commercial spot for a local business, or documentary film making, we strive to create high-quality films that tell your story. If you want to bring your company’s video ideas to life, we’d love to chat! Contact Stengel Media at 307-259-1867.