Central Wyoming Hospice

Stengel Media partnered with Central Wyoming Hospice to create a moving video that challenges perceptions of hospice care. Highlighting three unique stories, our comprehensive production process—from empathetic planning to detailed post-production—crafted a narrative that deeply resonated with viewers. This project underscored the power of storytelling in fostering understanding and compassion for life's final stages, leaving a lasting impact on its audience.


Central Wyoming Hospice




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Central Wyoming Hospice

In the pre-production phase, we embarked on a journey of discovery alongside our esteemed client, Central Wyoming Hospice. Through insightful discussions, we unearthed their vision: to redefine perceptions surrounding hospice care. Armed with this purpose, we meticulously planned every aspect of our approach, recognizing the importance of laying a foundation grounded in empathy and understanding.

Our meticulous planning revealed three remarkable individuals whose stories would serve as the focal point of our narrative. From a decorated Navy veteran to a spirited woman embracing life on her motorized wheelchair, and a passionate classic car enthusiast, each protagonist brought a unique perspective to the project. This phase emphasized the crucial role of thorough planning, ensuring that every detail aligned with our mission to humanize the end-of-life experience.

Video Production

With our vision firmly in place, we embarked on the production phase, ready to capture the essence of our protagonists' lives. Our two-day filming schedule was meticulously crafted to optimize our time with each character, ensuring that no moment of their journey was left undocumented.

The first day centered around intimate interviews held in the cozy confines of the hospice's inpatient living room. Here, amidst the warmth of their surroundings, our subjects shared their stories with unwavering honesty and vulnerability. Utilizing a sophisticated two-camera setup, accompanied by precise three-point lighting and professional audio equipment, we ensured that every word spoken was captured with the utmost clarity and emotion.

On the second day, we ventured into the heart of our characters' worlds, capturing the essence of their daily lives through immersive b-roll footage. From poignant salutes honoring our veteran's service to the joyous rumble of classic cars echoing through the streets, we spared no effort in capturing the moments that defined their legacies. Drone footage provided breathtaking perspectives, offering viewers a glimpse into the vastness of their experiences.

Video Post-production

With our footage in hand, we transitioned into the post-production phase, where the true magic of storytelling began to unfold. Over four dedicated editing days, we meticulously sifted through our footage, selecting the most poignant moments to weave into our narrative tapestry.

Every frame was imbued with care and intentionality, as we meticulously crafted the story's arc to evoke profound emotional responses. Color grading and sound design became our tools for infusing depth and richness into our visuals, ensuring that each scene resonated with authenticity and emotion.

Video Delivery

As the final phase of our journey unfolded, the impact of our collaboration with Central Wyoming Hospice became unmistakably clear. The client's overwhelming satisfaction mirrored the sentiments of our audience, whose feedback underscored the video's profound impact.

Tears were shed, perceptions were reshaped, and hearts were touched as viewers bore witness to the transformative power of storytelling. Through our partnership with Central Wyoming Hospice, we had succeeded in not only creating a compelling video but also in fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the beauty of life's final chapters.

Join us in celebrating the extraordinary stories that define our shared humanity. Together, let us continue to craft narratives that inspire, resonate, and endure, leaving an indelible mark on hearts and minds alike.