The Value of Pre-Production

Regardless of the project, everyone can agree that planning is essential. Especially in video production, planning often referred to as ‘pre-production,’ and it’s vital to create a high-quality content.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important steps of the pre-production process:

Don’t Skip Pre-Production!

This is arguably the most import step in the process because a good plan will make every other step more efficient and ensure you can focus on getting the shots you need for your final product.

Whether it’s rehearsals, choosing a location, or testing your equipment, the pre-production phase will help in every other step, and it’ll absolutely save you time and money during the filming phase, and especially during the editing process.

Do You Need a Script?

What kind of video are you creating? If you have actors in your film that need to memorize lines, now is the time to create a script for them to read from. That way, during the pre-production period, your actors will have plenty of time to memorize their lines, and practice.

If you don’t have dialogue in your video, now would be the time to create a storyboard or even a simple shot list. Plan out how you want your video to look.  Maybe create a list of different shots you’d like to use. Now is your time to get creative – try to imagine what you want your final video to look like.

man holding movie clapboard

Choosing Your Location

Do you know where you’re going to film? Choosing a location will have an impact on your filming style and the lighting, sounds, and shots you’ll use while filming. Once you’ve decided on a location, start creating a shots list and performing camera tests.

If your production requires the use of drones, it’s vital to research the rules and regulations of where you’d like to fly. Research the airspace, local rules and regulations, and any permits needed to fly legally and safely.

You’ll also spend some time focusing on the lighting you need at your location and assemble the gear you may need. Using app to see where the sun will be on the day you are shooting can help you decide where to set up your shots.

Develop a Shooting Schedule

One of the most important final steps of your pre-production is to create a shooting schedule. It’s important to plan-out and pencil down the days you plan on shooting your content. Take this time to identify the actors and other support you may need during these days. In most cases, providing a call sheet is an appropriate and effective way to make sure your cast and crew know what days they are required to be at the shoot.

And always be thinking about where the sunlight will be!  For outdoor filming, it’s best to film during golden hour immediately after sunrise or before sunset.  This is vital for getting the cinematic Hollywood look to your videos!

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