What Are The Benefits of Using Drone Video Footage for Businesses?

Are you trying to think of unique ways to make your company’s marketing video stand out? Using drone videography has been a popular trend in marketing, and it adds a whole new perspective to your video.

Here’s how drone videography can enhance your commercial marketing video:

Stunning Aerials

Did you know that the only way to produce an aerial shot was to rent a helicopter and a licensed pilot before drones? We are very thankful that’s no longer the case. Not only did it require a significant expense, it also added a dangerous aspect into the production and the visuals you got from a helicopter aren’t as good as what some of todays drones can achieve.

Drone footage is now much more affordable, safe, and efficient.  Plus, Stengel Media offers different drone packages, such as high end cinematic drones and FPV drones (First Person View) the results will be sure to turn a few heads and stand out from the crowd.

Motion = Emotion

Drone videos can get spectacular shots at events with a lot of fast action, such as a sporting event. When controlled by a professional, drones can capture the action up close without getting in the way.  Plus, they can easily travel down the court or field alongside the players, not missing a second.

Aerial drone footage of city building

Licensed Pilots

At Stengel Media we believe in doing things the right way.  Thats why our pilots are licensed and insured.  We are well versed at flying by FAA standards, which is important for the safety of the on screen talent and crew.  The last thing a production needs is damaged property, injuries, or a hefty fine from the FAA.  Hire a professional licensed drone pilot for peace of mind and the visuals that will make your content really stand out.

Drones Give You a Sneak Peek At The Behind The Scenes

As you’re getting ready for your event, drones can help capture the production from a different perspective, showing what it looks like behind the scenes. This can excite your audience before the big day, and encourage other viewers to attend your event. Plus, drones can help show an overview of all of the activities that you will be offering from a different perspective.

Drones are also great for highlighting sponsor involvement. You can use the aerial shots to show location spotting and point out exactly where your sponsors will be located.

Drone Videography in Casper, WY

If you’re looking to incorporate drone footage in your next video, contact the professionals at Stengel Media. Our part 107 licensed pilots can capture content that will help any branded content, commercial spots, or documentary stand out from others. If you want to create a high-quality film to tell your story, give us a call at 307-259-1867!