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Documentaries That Make a Difference

At Stengel Media, we believe in the power of documentaries to tell important stories, provoke thought, and inspire action. Our documentary filmmaking is driven by a passion for uncovering truths and presenting them in a way that resonates with audiences worldwide. From exploring social issues to celebrating human triumphs, our documentaries aim to bring untold stories to the forefront.


Say Her Name

'Say Her Name' unveils the crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Montana, blending real stories with powerful cinematography by Anthony Stengel. This documentary, directed by Rain, challenges us to confront injustice and demands action for Indigenous communities.


Fire Spinner | Emmy Award Winner

"Fire Spinner” a short documentary about the rugged life of a rancher with the mesmerizing artistry of fire spinning. This Emmy-winning film delves into the captivating story of Miranda Bressler, a remarkable woman who defies convention by seamlessly blending her love for the land with her passion for the ethereal dance of fire. Let's explore the intricate process behind the creation of this compelling narrative.


Doctrine of Recovery

'The Doctrine of Recovery' is more than a film; it's a journey of resilience, Explore the documentary's trek across stunning landscapes, the challenges faced by its crew, and the stories of hope and human spirit at its core. A behind-the-scenes look at how this cinematic piece brings profound human experiences to the screen, showcasing the transformative power of storytelling.

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