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Stengel Media crafts documentaries that delve deep into the heart of real stories, bringing to light the untold narratives that shape our world. With a focus on authenticity, impact, and visual storytelling, our documentaries aim to engage, inform, and inspire. Our team's passion for genuine storytelling drives us to explore diverse topics and give a voice to those who need to be heard.

ORMF 2023 Highlights


ORMF 2023 Highlights - 4K FINAL

Winter Drone Oner


We filmed this in ONE LONG SHOT - Snow Day - FPV Oner

Dying Light | Emmy Award Winner


We are pleased to announce that on July 16th, 2022 DYING LIGHT was awarded an Emmy at the Heartland Chapter Emmy Awards Gala in Denver, CO. DYING LIGHT tells the story of a neon tube bender (Connie Morgan) and her mission to keep the craft and art of tube bending and neon signs alive. In the age of LED signs and cheap neon knock-off’s can this female tube bender follow her dreams and keep this dying art form alive in Wyoming?

Steel Sculptress | EMMY Award Nominated


The Steel Sculptress," an Emmy Award-nominated documentary by Stengel Media for Wyoming PBS, introduces viewers to Betsy Bower, a Casper-based artist. Betsy transforms steel into community connections through her innovative metalwork. Directed by Anthony Stengel, the film explores Betsy's passion for metalwork and education. This post delves into the production journey, celebrating Betsy's artistic approach and her significant impact on fostering community through her craft.

Doctrine of Recovery


'The Doctrine of Recovery' is more than a film; it's a journey of resilience, Explore the documentary's trek across stunning landscapes, the challenges faced by its crew, and the stories of hope and human spirit at its core. A behind-the-scenes look at how this cinematic piece brings profound human experiences to the screen, showcasing the transformative power of storytelling.

Say Her Name


'Say Her Name' unveils the crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Montana, blending real stories with powerful cinematography by Anthony Stengel. This documentary, directed by Rain, challenges us to confront injustice and demands action for Indigenous communities.

Fire Spinner | Emmy Award Winner


"Fire Spinner” a short documentary about the rugged life of a rancher with the mesmerizing artistry of fire spinning. This Emmy-winning film delves into the captivating story of Miranda Bressler, a remarkable woman who defies convention by seamlessly blending her love for the land with her passion for the ethereal dance of fire. Let's explore the intricate process behind the creation of this compelling narrative.