Steel Sculptress | EMMY Award Nominated

The Steel Sculptress," an Emmy Award-nominated documentary by Stengel Media for Wyoming PBS, introduces viewers to Betsy Bower, a Casper-based artist. Betsy transforms steel into community connections through her innovative metalwork. Directed by Anthony Stengel, the film explores Betsy's passion for metalwork and education. This post delves into the production journey, celebrating Betsy's artistic approach and her significant impact on fostering community through her craft.


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Steel Sculptress | EMMY Award Nominated

The project kicked off with Anthony Stengel and the Wyoming PBS team identifying Betsy Bower's unique story as a perfect fit for "Our Wyoming." Detailed planning sessions aimed to capture the essence of Betsy's artistry and her role in the community. The pre-production phase focused on structuring a narrative that would showcase Betsy's commitment to growth, development, and education through steel working.

Video Production

Filming took Anthony Stengel and his team to various locations significant to Betsy's story, including her studio and teaching venues. The production phase was meticulously organized to highlight the processes behind Betsy's work and her interactions with students and community members. Stengel's direction ensured that the essence of Betsy's passion and her impact on the community were captured authentically, bringing her story to life through compelling visuals and interviews.

Video Post-production

In post-production, Stengel Media carefully crafted the final piece, selecting footage that best represented Betsy's narrative and the documentary's themes. Editing, sound design, and color grading were tailored to enhance the storytelling, ensuring that the final product would engage and inspire Wyoming PBS viewers. The focus was on creating a documentary that not only highlighted Betsy's talent but also her significant contribution to community building through art.

Video Delivery

"The Steel Sculptress" was enthusiastically received by Wyoming PBS and its audience, serving as a testament to the power of local storytelling and the impact of art on community cohesion. The documentary succeeded in shining a light on Betsy Bower's work and philosophy, reinforcing Stengel Media's reputation for producing meaningful, high-quality documentaries that resonate with viewers and celebrate Wyoming's vibrant arts scene.

Further elevating our hopes, "The Steel Sculptress" has been submitted to the 2024 Heartland Emmy’s. We are eagerly anticipating the possibility of a nomination and winning our third Emmy in July 2024, which would be a remarkable achievement that underscores our commitment to excellence in documentary filmmaking.