Hilltop Bank

Stengel Media teamed up with Checked in Media for Hilltop Bank's Super Bowl spot, a testament to high-quality local advertising. Our role as Director of photography allowed us to craft the visual language and cinematic style of the piece using vintage lenses and an anamorphic adapter to achieve a big budget commercial look. Shot across Casper, Wyoming, the team overcame logistical challenges to deliver a commercial that not only aired during the Super Bowl but also rivaled national ads in visual and narrative quality. This collaboration highlights Stengel Media's prowess in turning ambitious visions into captivating realities.


Hilltop Bank




Superbowl 2024 Commercial Ad

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Hilltop Bank

Anthony Stengel of Stengel Media joined Checked in Media's project as the Director of Photography. Our primary focus was crafting the visual identity of the spot. During the pre-production phase, meticulous planning was undertaken to ensure a cinematic experience. We decided on utilizing our aviascope anamorphic adapter in conjunction with vintage Leica R lenses. This decision was pivotal in achieving the desired look and feel, reminiscent of high-budget commercials. Our aim was to emulate the cinematic aspect ratio and visual quality synonymous with Super Bowl advertising.

Video Production

The production phase was an intense, full-day endeavor spanning from sunrise to past sunset in Casper, Wyoming. Filming took place across three distinct locations, each presenting unique challenges and creative opportunities. From the comfort of characters' homes to the vibrant atmosphere of a sporting goods store, and the iconic backdrop of a high school football field, each setting demanded careful consideration of lighting and composition. Despite the logistical complexities, our team remained dedicated to capturing the essence of the narrative with precision and flair.

Video Post-production

The post-production stage was entrusted to Checkin in Media's editor Adam, whose expertise brought the project to life. With meticulous attention to detail, the footage was transformed into a compelling narrative. Adam’s adept editing skills were instrumental in seamlessly weaving together the disparate elements of the shoot into a cohesive and captivating story. The result was a polished and professional commercial that exceeded expectations.

Video Delivery

The culmination of our efforts was nothing short of extraordinary. Witnessing our commercial air during the Super Bowl alongside industry giants was a surreal and gratifying experience. Despite operating with a fraction of the budget, our spot held its own amongst the top-tier advertisements. It was not merely the best local Super Bowl commercial; we think it stood beside the bigger national commercials at least in terms of visuals and story.