Liquid Death

Stengel Media teamed up with Checked in Media to produce a vibrant Liquid Death Spec Commercial at Lifetime Fitness. Leveraging vintage Leica R lenses and cutting-edge lighting, the shoot captured the intensity of fitness with expert Katie at the forefront. The final edit, enriched with energetic music and dynamic sound design, exceeded expectations, showcasing Stengel Media's skill in crafting visually compelling narratives that engage and inspire.


Liquid Death




Commercial Spec

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Liquid Death

The pre-production phase for the Liquid Death Spec Commercial was an exciting journey marked by collaboration and creativity. Anthony Stengel of Stengel Media and Adam Amick of Checked in Media joined forces for this special project. Our objective? To craft a dynamic fitness commercial set in the vibrant atmosphere of a local gym, Lifetime Fitness.

Video Production

On the day of production, we ventured into the heart of the gym, seizing the opportunity to film before the bustling CrossFit activities commenced. Armed with our vision and fueled by enthusiasm, we embarked on a journey to capture the essence of fitness in motion.

Key elements of our production included the utilization of a vintage set of cine modded Leica R lenses, lending a distinctive visual character to our footage. Our talented personal trainer and fitness guru, Katie, became the embodiment of our vision as she brought unparalleled energy and dedication to the shoot.

To enhance the visual dynamics, we incorporated Aputure branded lights and deployed an overhead camera rig, allowing us to capture captivating top-down perspectives of the action unfolding below.

Video Post-production

In the post-production phase, we meticulously curated the raw footage, infusing it with high-energy music, dynamic sound design, and vibrant color grading. Our aim was to amplify the intensity and passion of the shoot, ensuring that every frame resonated with the audience.

Through meticulous editing and seamless integration of audiovisual elements, we transformed the raw footage into a compelling narrative that pulsated with energy and excitement. The result? A finished product that exceeded expectations and seamlessly aligned with the vision of Stengel Media and the help of Adam at Checked in Media.

Video Delivery

Upon completion, the Liquid Death Spec Commercial was a success, becoming a standout addition to our portfolio. At Stengel Media, we take pride in delivering exceptional video productions that captivate audiences and elevate brands. This spec commercial stands as a testament to our passion for storytelling and our relentless pursuit of creativity.