Lightning Strike Survivor | Telly Award Winner

Discover the remarkable survival story of Jack Corson, a Wyoming rancher who was struck by lightning while working on his ranch in the summer of 2021. Jack's intense experience, from the immediate aftermath of the strike to his recovery at Banner Wyoming Medical Center, emphasizing the quick and coordinated response that saved his life.


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Director/Director of Photography

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Lightning Strike Survivor | Telly Award Winner

The focus was on gathering detailed accounts of the incident from Jack, his family, and the first responders. Pre-production involved extensive interviews to ensure an accurate and comprehensive understanding of the events that unfolded during and after the lightning strike. This phase was crucial in setting the narrative tone and preparing for a factual and engaging recount of the experience.

Video Production

The production phase involved re-enacting certain elements of the story to provide visual context to the audience. Filming took place at the ranch to capture the real-life settings of the incident. Interviews with Jack, his family, and medical staff were also conducted to provide firsthand accounts of the ordeal and the medical response.

Video Post-production

This stage focused on editing the interviews and re-enactments into a cohesive narrative. Careful attention was given to the flow of the story, ensuring it was engaging and emotionally resonant. Sound design and color grading were also meticulously managed to enhance the dramatic effect of the visuals and the overall storytelling.

Video Delivery

The final video was delivered and featured on Anthony Stengel’s website as part of a series highlighting extraordinary survival stories. It served not only to showcase the resilience and strength of individuals like Jack but also the critical role of emergency medical services and community support in life-threatening situations.